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TROUSER BLOG – A Boy in A Dress !!!!

This post by G Fay Edwards  originally appeared on her blog ‘Candy Stripes and Camouflage’ and is reproduced by kind permission of the author.   As we all know, historically, women wore dresses of various levels of impracticality, while men – and only men – wore trousers. Back in the day, a woman in trousers looked as wrong to the people of Western society as a man in a dress does to most of them […]

TROUSER BLOG – Going backwards instead of forward

This last week the TfA twitter feed and Facebook Page  has been buzzing with comments  about the events going on at Connahs Quay High  School in North Wales ( This is a mixed, state school, where currently the girls can wear trousers as part of their school uniform – which is good. However apparently some of the girls have been wearing the ‘wrong  kind of trousers’ i.e  denim trousers, trousers that are too tight, and leggings […]

TROUSER BLOG – Should Teachers Wear a Uniform ?

 We are living in an increasingly ‘uniformed’ society. It seems that everywhere I look people are wearing a uniform to identify where they work or what group they belong to. It is not just the casual clothes of fashion that certain groups use to distinguish themselves from others but actual ‘uniforms’. Sometimes, but not always, paid for by the employer. Of course we know that a lot of schools are very keen on pupils wearing […]

TROUSER BLOG – School Uniform: the new corporal punishment ?

Every September it happens – there is a row about school uniforms with children being sent home because their skirts are too short/ trousers are too tight/ ties are too askew- and so it goes on. This year it reached a new height, with one school-  Hartsdown Academy in Margate, sending pupils home with socks that were too frilly and other such minor infringements. The police were called- or did they just happen to be […]

TROUSER BLOG – It is not what you wear but what it represents that matters

In the same way that there are no rational arguments for girls not being allowed to wear trousers to school, the burkini saga this summer has been instructive in demonstrating that it is not what you wear but what it represents. As someone with fair skin and fair hair who goes to the beach plastered in factor 50 sun cream, I find the idea of a burkini rather attractive. Presumably the material it is made […]

TROUSER BLOG – Brexit, Wimbledon and high heels

With so much going on recently with Brexit debacles and the disintegration of the Government and the Opposition etc, it was heartening to see the leading ladies, Theresa and Andrea, wearing trousers to work.  However, Wimbledon has now finished and (of course) there is always something to say about the clothes worn by the female players. Wimbledon has a very strict dress code which applies to everyone. White must be worn and colour has to […]

TROUSER BLOG – The first 100 twitter followers

Last week TfA reached 100 Twitter followers – we think that this is a great achievement for a group which has a very specific remit i.e. campaigning for all girls to be allowed to wear trousers as part of their school uniform. We also have over 100 members of our Facebook group. Taking part in these Social Media forums has been a great experience for us, not least because we have discovered groups that previously […]

TROUSER BLOG – Policing the Uniform

This week in the TES there was a very thoughtful short commentary written by Justine Roberts, the founder and chief executive of Mumsnet. In this article she comments on how heavily the appearance of girls and young women is policed, in a way that is not done to the same extent for boys and men. I agree with her whole heartedly and would add that while boys and men do get their appearance policed, albeit […]

TROUSER BLOG – It’s the 21st Century – get real

It’s the 21st Century – get real! We are now well into the 21st Century yet some schools still will not allow girls to wear trousers as part of their school uniform.  I thought that this had all been sorted years ago, in the year 2000, when my daughter, backed by the Equal Opportunities Commission won her campaign to wear trousers to School.  However despite mounting an acrimonious defence, the School backed down on the […]


4 October 2016 18 school associations in Spain have got together to protest against skirt-only policies. See El País’s report here.   13 June 2016 The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 and other media outlets have also covered the wonderful news that 80 UK state schools have gender-neutral uniforms. See The Guardian’s report here.   12 June 2016 The Week Magazine, in its ‘Ten things you need to know’ section, has written this excellent piece of news: “Dozens […]