Trouser Art

**The contributions below are from supporters who have responded to our call.

We would be delighted to receive further artistic contributions**


Silly Rules of Dress

by Natasha Herman

Let’s encourage young peoples’ individualities
And guide them in their strengths and practicalities
Trousers are very practical, wouldn’t you agree?
Allow the students to decide and let them be!

It’s time to simply ban those awful uniforms
They should be as rare as crazy unicorns!
Keep the logo along with a chosen colour scheme
And leave the rest up to the kid or teen!

Schools should be much more worldly and real
Teach what really matters – trousers? What’s the deal?
Smart trousers go very well with studying finesse
So let us forget about those silly rules of dress!


In Awe of Trousers

by David Robinson

Once, in song,
They asked Donald where’s your trousers?
But, back then, in everyday life
They asked Mary why are you wearing trousers?
Fortunately, with time,
Knowledge and awareness have improved.
No longer, a must,
Are skirts for girls and shorts for boys.

In today’s enlightened world
We are, hopefully, all free to choose
And, with trousers being sensible and fashionable wear
All genders, all races, all religions
Should echo the cry


Tamsyn’s Trouser song