Trousers for All is a UK-wide group that campaigns to give girls the option of wearing trousers as part of their school uniform.

It is managed by parents of girls who have been, or are currently, prohibited from doing so, to create awareness about the issue and support others to obtain that right for all girls.

Although most UK schools have introduced trousers for girls into their uniform codes in the last twenty years, some continue to ban them and will send home any girl who turns up wearing trousers.

The ban on trousers for girls covers the entire spectrum of schools: primary, secondary, public and private, faith and non-faith.

There are no rational arguments that justify this ban – only prejudice.


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“At school, skirts for girls suggests a demeanour not required of boys.”

Lord David Pannick QC, “Girls – Why Shouldn’t They Wear the Trousers?”,

The Times (England), 5 October 1999. READ ARTICLE